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Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Its all been finished for 2010 edition SCKLIM,but the journey still going on and hopefully getting stronger.5 of us joining this year race.3 joined marathon,1 half marathon other 2 for charity 10km.

I felt that the other 3 maratoner were doing great,i cant ask for more and you guys have made us feel proud!

Chan doing his maiden half marathon same as well by finishing below 1.30!PB for him and in kakithon as well!

Initially i and Lim kor wanna run alongside as to snap photo,but since we getting our no bib and i saw the field wasnt that strong then try to have a run at front pack.The very first sure is Sukma champion,kartik.Anyway finished in 4th is something i cant ask for more.While lim kor also doing good for his timing!

Overall,i must thanks all the guys that support us during the race.Special thanks to Uncle Moeyfamily,Lim kor,Jenne,Chau,Wong,Wong's sister.Really appreciate of what had been done.Fueld by PowerbarOur 3 marathoner!come out their face in China press as well,hehe!chit chatting..Chan having photo with a kenyan blind runner
so happy?since when u all have extra medal de?great performance of wong maiden marathon!Lim kor...Ah Hsiung want say something?This guy no play play,make it under 3.30 in marathon...wa pun tak boleh.great finishingKakithoner model of the year!Shopping time!

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