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Monday, April 5, 2010

Majlis Anugerah Sukan UTM 2010

Saturday nite was the Majlis anugerah Sukan UTM,anyhow not all of our athletic/kakithon team guys are coming since some of them were back home.Above are our athletic family along with coach.3 of us been really lucky:me,Ida and Ah ming(replace with Chan)got our lucky draw prizes that sponsored by al-ikhsan.Ida although failed in her bit of nomination of becoming the best female athlete,yet she been beat other team nomination of becoming last 4 in the finalist.The nite been conquer by team sport such as Bola Tampar,Rowing,Kayak,Bola jaring and so on.

Being appointed as member of Jawatankuasa sambut tetamu,both the guys need to point out whr exactly the tetamu need to go.
More than 60 tables been prepare,anyway theres still empty seat,if i noe early i would have call all my members come..hehe!The food that served to us not bad,after all just a mere rm5 to pay out!2 ekor siakap,crab meat soup,garlic prawn,sotong kagkong...Having a pic before eating..

Here would like to announce our end of this semester kakithon party will be held at 21st april night,place will be confirmed later,any suggestion please let me noe.I choose this date coz 21st early morning is the date i and some of members just finish our final exam.Anyhow i hope most of you can make it this date,since 22nd or 23rd i and other guys will be going for our latihan industry.

P/S:our training will resume back as usual,anyway the training route will be focus more in KTR Loop,so you guys just need to wait in bustop near L22/KTHO,Tuesday=Gym.othher days we will train as usual.


ting said...

aiyo...22nd apr i back home dy lei..sob..sob..

ONG said...

21st nite ma,still ok right?